Fast Cash Loan

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Pera Financial Limited is a fully licensed money lender operating under the Ministry of Law regulations. We offer financial products that have been approved by the regulatory body and this makes us your first port of call for all your financial emergencies.We are proud to receive most of our business from referrals and return clients and we strive hard to maintain this solid reputation.Pera Financial Limited understands how volatile life is and that is why we offer fast money loans to both households and businesses.Over the years, we have invested heavily in our staff and in technology to speed up our loan application process. We are able to process loan applications within 24 hours while at the same time, offer lower interest rates.

Personal Loan

If you are having bad credit and actively seeking a loan, it is highly likely that your bank has already turned you down. Since the recession, banks have become more stringent when issuing financing and this means many people and businesses are not qualifying for loans. At Pera Financial Limited, we provide one of the most affordable loans for people with bad credit. We are the country’s most trusted name in providing financial services for individuals and businesses that are going through a rough patch. With the current economic slowdown, things are only getting tougher for consumers. The government has already indicated it expects the current economic slowdown to continue into the New Year meaning the price of loan services from banks will remain high.

Business Loan

At Pera Financial Limited, our mission is to make it easier for your business to access the necessary funding. Our SME business loans are designed to suit any financial emergency you might have and to enable smooth operations at your company. If your Singapore business is struggling today, we are just a call away. Our loans are easy to apply and we boast a fast approval rate. For any financial needs facing your business, we will discuss the best package to suit your needs.

Foreigner Loan

The costs of moving to a new country alone, without financial support and help can overwhelm anyone who isn't prepared. Fortunately, getting a foreigner loan in Singapore is quick and easy. We don’t judge your credit scores Affordable, custom-made foreigner loans Approval within 30 mins

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